4. How young people evaluate their well-being and health

spotlight: Changes to well-being due to the Covid-19 pandemic

What this is about

The coronavirus crisis has brought many restrictions to our daily lives. This is not limited to everyone (still) having to wear masks and socially distance: during the lockdown, this also included staying at home whenever possible and drastically reducing social contact. This had an effect on well-being – including for children, adolescents and young adults.

Our survey showed that the life satisfaction of young people in Luxembourg was significantly different between 2019 and 2020: the number of young people reporting an average level of satisfaction with their lives decreased – with numbers for both unsatisfied and very satisfied increasing. A polarisation thus occurred. However, there are differences in terms of age, gender, migration background and socioeconomic status: the life satisfaction of girls, older adolescents and adolescents with a low socioeconomic status worsened more significantly than other groups. In this spotlight we take a detailed look at the impact of the coronavirus on young people’s well-being.