5. What young people are doing or not doing for their well-being and health

spotlight: Changes to leisure habits during the Covid-19 pandemic and their impact on young people’s well-being

What this is about

During the coronavirus pandemic, young people had to discontinue some activities. However, they also had spare time for other pursuits that they would not be able to undertake so intensively in normal times, but may have been able to pick up again – to their delight – during the lockdown. Young people were barred from enjoying social leisure pursuits: dance groups, choirs and sports associations ceased rehearsals and practice, and restaurants, bars and discotheques were closed. However, they were able to devote more time to hobbies that can be completed alone: reading books, painting, crafting, playing musical instruments, or exercising at home or outside. They could also meet up friends whilst out on a walk. In this spotlight, we provide an overview of young people’s ambivalent perceptions of social restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic.