6. The importance of social environment for young people’s well-being: family, friends, school and other areas of life

6.4. The importance of social framework conditions and developments for subjective well-being

What this is about

Young people’s well-being and health is also affected by the country in which they grow up. This section covers the impact of the resulting social framework conditions on young people’s well-being: children born in Luxembourg fundamentally have better prospects than children from less wealthy countries. Young people in Luxembourg are mindful of these social and governmental framework conditions. Most of them are very appreciative of the fact that they live in the Grand Duchy. They are aware that they are better off economically than people of the same age in most other countries. They trust democracy, the welfare state, the constitutional state and its institutions. However, environmental problems, traffic conditions, climate issues, and in particular the difficult housing market situation put strain on young people – and thus have a negative impact on their well-being.