8. How experts discuss the well-being and health of young people

8.3. Interdisciplinary discourse on young people’s well-being and health

What this is about

Many topics of expert discussion relate to social developments, such as the rise in digitalisation, ever greater pressures, and the increasing difficulty of shaping family life: for example, experts view it as problematic that the ability to find calm, security and relaxation within the family is more and more under threat. Young people’s lives are becoming faster paced and more oriented towards media and competition, whilst free time with no plans is becoming scarce. This applies both to leisure time and to the school or workplace.

Increasing social inequality and the rapidly changing conditions on the global labour market are key topics in professional discourse. Such developments bring with them a high risk of mental stress and illness in young people. However, the foundations of a healthy life are laid during adolescence. It is therefore important that the right promotional structures and prevention measures are created for children and young people. The expert discussions regarding these and many other aspects are set out in this section.