2. Concept of the youth report

2.1. Focal points, objectives and analytical perspectives of the youth report

What this is about

How do adolescents and young adults in Luxembourg experience themselves? How do they feel? How would they evaluate their health? And what do they do to stay healthy? These are the central questions to which this youth report is devoted to answer and will expound upon in this section. The aim of our work is to provide a systematic description and analysis of the well-being and health of young people in Grand Duchy. To achieve this, we carried out our own comprehensive studies, for example by surveying adolescents. However, we also evaluated studies carried out by other researchers.

We adopted a social sciences perspective in preparing the youth report. This means that we are not simply examining the physical and mental condition of young people, i.e. their well-being and health in the narrow sense. Instead, as social scientists, we want to find out how young people see themselves, how they act in certain circumstances, and how they view their interactions with and are shaped by their environment. Their personal views, assessments and orientations regarding well-being and health are therefore a fundamental part of the youth report.