7. Young people and Covid-19: views on the Covid-19 pandemic and measures

7.2. Young people’s perspectives on the Covid-19 pandemic

What this is about

In the spring of 2020, many young people had major concerns about the Covid-19 pandemic. This section describes their experiences with the emergence of the pandemic and the attitudes they developed towards it. As was the case everywhere, young people did not know how life would develop with the many restrictions that were suddenly required. Our surveys showed that more than half of young people were worried or very worried. Generally, they were less worried about being infected with the coronavirus themselves. Many young people even assumed that they would catch the virus at some point – but that they would not be severely ill. However, many people are at greater risk, such as those with chronic illnesses or older people such as grandparents. Young people were often worried about the potential of giving the virus to such people. For this reason, they followed the rules conscientiously: stay at home, socially distance, wash your hands, wear a mask. We noted a significant sense of duty and solidarity among young people.