7. Young people and Covid-19: views on the Covid-19 pandemic and measures

7.6. Young people’s assessment of school and learning during the Covid-19 pandemic

What this is about

During the lockdown, school classes had to take place online. At the start of the pandemic, there were significant implementation issues in some cases. Real teaching via videoconferencing was initially not the norm. Often, students were simply sent tasks that they had to complete independently. Many found this stressful, as they were lacking interaction with teachers and fellow students. Many students also felt that their school had left them to fend for themselves, because teachers did not check on how they were doing. However, online teaching also had its benefits: in some cases, children and young people felt that they became more independent and their use of online media improved.

This section covers the complexity of school operations under coronavirus conditions. It shows that in particular, young people for whom digital teaching did not work well or who experienced difficulties with independent learning at home were delighted when in-person teaching started up again after the lockdown in the summer of 2020.