7. Young people and Covid-19: views on the Covid-19 pandemic and measures

7.4. Young people’s evaluation and implementation of measures to contain Covid-19

What this is about

The overwhelming majority of young people agreed with the protective measures. We found that nearly two thirds of young people considered the restrictions to be appropriate. Nearly another quarter even thought that they were not strict enough. At the beginning of this health crisis, trust in the government’s crisis management was high. We saw signs of this in our interviews.

Of course, not all young people in Luxembourg were pleased about all the measures. For example, we identified a certain ambivalence about wearing a mask. The reason for this measure was clear to many young people, but at the same time wearing a mask bothered them. Nevertheless, most young people accepted these new obligations and also adhered to the rules. Although it was extremely difficult for some (especially as regards contact limitations that prevented meeting up with friends), overall, most young people behaved responsibly in terms of their own and others’ health. In this section, we set out the internal conflicts that they sometimes had to endure in doing so