3. Social context for the well-being and health of young people in Luxembourg

3.6. Social security and healthcare

What this is about

In this section, we offer an overview of which social security systems and healthcare elements are available in Luxembourg. Children and young people mostly have medical insurance via their parents. At around 127,000 people, they make up a good 15% of insurance holders in the Grand Duchy. The healthcare system is hugely important for the health development of young people. This is demonstrated by the fact that there are many preventative and health-promoting measures offered and used in early years. In Luxembourg, the cost of this is generally covered by health insurance. Child and youth welfare in Luxembourg recently underwent fundamental change: for several years, the focus has been on out-patient and voluntary measures that are oriented more strongly towards children’s well-being. If children and young people in Luxembourg are in danger of having their mental, intellectual or social development restricted, they are entitled to support as part of child and youth welfare.